CAM 1/48 VAQ-130 Zappers

Images and text Copyright © 2003 by Matt Swan

        This is CAM Decal’s (48-101) coverage of the EA-6B Prowler Bureau number 163526, the CAG bird of CVW-3’s VAQ-130, the Zappers. The aircraft is finished in the Tactical Paint Scheme of light Ghost Gray under surfaces and dark Ghost Gray uppers. The leading edges of the wing are done with medium Gray as well as the nose, forward fuselage and the tail radome and a few light gray features on the front surfaces.
        These decals have been printed by Micro-scale and the effort put forth is simply stunning. The most attractive item is the rendition of “Robbie the Dragon”. An unusual aspect of this set is the inclusion of wing walks. The pictures really speak for themselves. These decals are sure to be a big hit with the Prowler modeling community so you best get yours while the getting is good.

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