IPMS Toledo/Fremont Kit Bashers

Region 4 Spring 2009 Show

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Images and text Copyright © 2009 by Matt Swan

       I don’t know what it is but every time I go to the show in Toledo Ohio it rains, it never fails. Well, I may not be happy about the weather but I certainly cannot complain about the models displayed at the show – they are simply fabulous. This years show did not seem to draw the number of vendors seen in previous shows here or in the Columbus or Cleveland areas and the total number of models entered for competition seemed less than previous years (I really didn’t count them) but the overall quality of models was outstanding and the vendors did a real good job of emptying my wallet so I guess you can call the whole shin-dig a success. I had the opportunity to meet the IPMS Toledo club president and head judge – some real nice guys and very helpful. This show was presented in conjunction with the Fremont Kit Bashers and I saw several familiar faces within the crowd as well as many new ones.
       A couple models really caught my eye, one of which was this type XXI 1/144 sub (first two pictures) that was entirely brush painted. This just proves that if you thin your paint properly and apply multiple coats for color density you can create a show quality finish. Whoever built and painted this sub is one skilled modeler. A few other models in particular caught my eye like the rusty fire truck, the prototype Me-262 and several of the armor builds. Aircraft, armor and autos were the big contenders at this show with a smattering of Sci-Fi, ships and a couple larger dioramas. There were a lot of new builds present this year, in fact I don’t recall seeing any of these builds at previous shows. I don’t image you are here to read my incessant babbling so one with the pictures, remember you can click on any of these small images to view larger pictures.

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