Submission Guidelines 

        Are you interested in writing a kit review or kit construction feature and having it published at Swanny's Models? If so here are some simple guidelines;

1.         Type your text in Word or Notepad format and use the spell checker before completing your last save.
2.         Try to write a couple paragraphs about the history of the equipment the kit represents.
3.         Take pictures.
4.         For kit reviews use some poster board as a backdrop for the parts sprues.
5.         Shoot pictures in a well lit area, watch for shadows.
6.         Try to keep the camera directly above the sprue when taking the picture.
7.         Take a good shot of the box-top or scan if possible and of the kit decals.
8.         Typical text format should go as follows: Kit name, manufacture, item number and cost, background or history, kit specifics, any accessories you might want to mention, conclusion and personal feelings about the kit (if so desired).
9.         If you want to scan the kit directions they can be included in the Instructions Archive for all to use.
10.        For construction features take as many in-progress shots as possible. It's always easier to take a picture out of the mix than to try and re-shoot something you forgot.
11.        Picture files should be saved in JPG format and kept large, at least 900dpi in width and minimum resolution of 72 dpi. I'll take care of final edits.
12.        With any construction feature include a box-art image, manufacture name, kit number and cost.
13.        Be sure to include your name.
        You as the author of the piece will retain all copyright specifics to the article and the pictures. Your articles are published at Swanny's Models free of charge. Swanny's Models reserves the right to determine which, if any submissions are published and retains the right to remove any submission found to be not of the listed author's own creation. Images will be edited and resized to accommodate the article as it appears on Swanny's Models.

        Articles can be submitted for consideration by email to Submissions. Be certain to include the kit name in the email subject line. If you do not want to email the file it can be copied to disc or CD and sent by snail mail to:

Swanny's Models
421 Franklin Street
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

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