Welcome to my little collection of odd stuff. This is generally not aircraft related material but simply little diversions I have taken and would like to share with you.

Taking a short break from things with wings and propellers I would like to invite you to examine this automobile kit from Revell-Monogram. In 1/24 scale this is their 2006 representation of the Chevrolet 2006 Monte Carlo SS NASCAR.
12/30/06 Construction completed 12/30/06

Tamiya continues to expand on their 1/48 line of vehicles with this edition of the 2.5 Ton Truck converted as an Airfield Fuel Truck. More of a gallery than a kit review here is my build of the 1/48 6X6 2.5 Ton Airfield Fuel Truck.
7/9/2014 Construction Complete 7/9/2014

The Austin Motor Company was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin, the first Baron Austin of Longbridge and manufactured a wide range of military equipment including a range of General Service trucks under the designations K2 through K6. Many of these trucks were shipped to Russia for service there but most were employed by British troops where they were referred to as "Screamers". During the middle 1970s Bandai, as part of their 1/48 Pin Point series of models, produced one version as the 3 Ton Austin K-5.
7/25/09 Construction completed 06/24/2010

First mastered in 2007 here are two interesting little Sci-Fi kits from Atlantis Models. These kits were originally designed by EL Pangman and tooled in China but the company that owns them is a US company. These kits consist of few parts but make great introduction to modeling kit and are detailed enough to entertain the advanced modeler. Check out these two kits from Atlantis Models, the Eve and TR-3E.

There was a backwoods boy from around the Pax West Virginia area who fancied himself an entomologist and an inventor of sorts. He was the redneck version of a nerd and like many nerds did not do well with the girls. After an especially disastrous attempt at dating the fairer sex he retreated into the hills, withdrawing from contact with the community. Not long after strange tales of monstrous insect like things began to find their way about the local tavern, tales of an enormous spider like creature haunting the woods. 5/4/2012

They do it every year; the guys at IPMS Region 4 Eddie Rickenbacker in Columbus Ohio hold a model show and contest early every year. This year the weather was doing its best to make their convention name ring true - Blizzard Con 2007. The day dawned with a steady light fall of snow and temperatures in the mid twenties and the snow kept at it all day long. It takes more than a little snow to stop Ohio modelers though. Turn out might have been down a little but it was hard to tell. Here you can see some of the kits placed on display and offered up in competition for the 2007 'Eddie Rickenbacker' Blizzard Con. 2/18/07

In 1939 Italian armor manufactures began development of the Autoblinda, Italy's armored car. Initially these were armed with various machine guns Autoblinda But by 1942 they had determined that a combination of 20mm cannon and 8mm machine gun worked best. This was manufactured as the AB 41 version and was the most commonly used Italian armored car. It was used by Italian reconnaissance units in the Western Desert and Tunisia, in the Balkans and by Colonial Police. Join me in taking a look at the Wespe Models 1/48 scale resin kit of the Autoblinda AB 41. 6/10/06

Swanny's Models is proud to announce the release of the first in a series of instructional modeling DVDs. This DVD will take the modeler from the first parts preparation steps all the way through decaling and basic weathering. The primary purpose of this video is to assist the new modeler in achieving good results early. You can follow this link for more information on the video and ordering information. Basic Model Building Skills & the P-40K. 12/20/06

The adventure continues at Swanny's Models. This time around we take a look at working with a vacuform conversion kit. This video takes the modeler through all the steps of learning how to work with vacuform model parts, resin and photo etched parts are revisited and the process of achieving a realistic natural metal finish utilizing lacquer based paints is covered in addition to some other goodies. Here you can purchase your copy of Advanced Modeling Skills; Vacuform Conversions & NMF.

Want a sneak peak at what's coming soon from Swanny's Models? Here is some semi-raw footage taken from the introduction of the next model building DVD due for release (hopefully) in August 2007. The primary areas of focus in this video are working with resin and photo etched cockpit detail sets. Here I take two different top end sets and build them up for insertion in a model kit. The various tools, painting techniques and glues are examined in a step-by-step two disc set designed to help you take your model building to the next level. For your pleasure here is a sneak peak at the working title, Swanny's Models DVD volume two Working with resin and photo etched cockpits. 7/3/07

The Versailles Treaty did not look upon motorcycles as battle equipment which left the recovering German industry the opportunity to devote time and energy toward developing what was to become a nearly perfect machine - the BMW motorcycle. In the opening days of the war the German Motorcycle Corps was right there on the front line transporting mechanics with their tools, acting as scouts and messengers and packing a MG34 machine gun to take care of anybody who should get in the way. Rarely seen and even less likely to be seen built here is the Bandai 1/48 BMW R/75 with sidecar. 12/26/05 Construction completed 12/26/05

Sometimes I need to take on something totally different to keep the creative juices flowing. Anime figures and Chiduru Kasiwaki similar resin cast statues have been gaining in popularity for the last few years. Let's take a look at what is going on with this aspect of the hobby with this garage recast of the Japanese Anime figure Chiduru Kasiwaki Drunk.
7/22/05 Construction completed 10/9/05

Voted Historic Car of the Year in 1999 the Citroen 11CV saw service with the French people, its army and with the German Army. Tamiya has been slowly expanding their offerings in 1/48 scale vehicles and in 2005 released a model of this historic automobile. The vehicle itself was on the leading edge of technology with a uni-body design, rack-and-pinion steering and front wheel drive. Faster, more economical and better handling than virtually any other vehicle then offered this is Tamiya's 1/48 scale Citroen 11CV Staff Car. 9/10/05

At the end of WW1 Germany had no Destroyers in its inventory. By 1934 they had begun design and construction of modern destroyers and issued them general classification based on the year of design such as 34 or in the case of this kit, 36 with letter codes for major changes within the design series. Here is a gallery of my construction of the Trumpeter 1/350 Narvik Class Destroyer 36B Z-43 . Construction Completed 12/21/2014

In 1940 Diamond T started delivering their four ton rating 6 X 6 intermediate vehicle recovery truck, the 969, to ordinance departments of the British and American Armies. Although originally designed in 1939 as a civilian wrecker the 969 was used almost exclusively by the military and saw heavy use in the Mid East, Far East and Mediterranean by Allied forces commonly in conjunction with heavier recovery equipment. Here is the 1/48 Wespe resin kit of this intermediate recovery vehicle, the Diamond T 969 A Wrecker. 03/04/09 Construction complete 3/6/09

ESCI was an Italian plastic scale model manufacturer and most long time modelers will have heard the name. Few know anything of the company itself, or the vast scope of its quality offerings. The enduring story of ESCI as a business is just as interesting as their expansive kit selection. David Hutton has delved into the history of this influential model manufacture and is here to share with us The ESCI Story. 3/27/09 Updated 4/2/09

The Dino nametag at Ferrari is intended to honor Enzo Ferrari’s son, Dino, who is credited with designing the V-6 engine. Dino and engineer Vittorio Jano were instrumental in influencing Enzo to produce a series of race cars in the 1950's and 1960's using the V-8 and V-6 engines. Currently out-of-production this Fujimi kit has always drawn my attention and hopefully will draw yours as well. Come check out this excellent 1/25 scale Ferrari Dino 246 GT early version. 1/22/2011Construction completed 3/20/2011

In 1928 the first prototypes of the infamous German 88mm cannon were produced. Developed over the next few years into the Flak 18 it became legendary at the 'Kraut 88'. The gun was not only very useful in its intended role as an anti-aircraft weapon but was also very effective when used against enemy armor and ground positions. Okay, so its not and airplane but it certainly had some impact on airplanes and makes for a great diorama accessory. Take a look at the Bandai 1/48 German 88mm Flak 18.

Sometimes as a modeler it becomes necessary to build outside of your comfort zone. When "Modeler's Block" begins to set in you need to find something different to broaden your horizons and reinvigorate your modeling abilities. Here I take a diversion from the standard aircraft kit and look at the old yet well done AMT 1/25 Ford Louisville. See how I deal with making custom decals and painting large fields of white as I step outside the modeling box with this Ford Louisville Delivery Truck. 7/28/07

The Surcouf was a French submarine order in 1927, built in 1929, commissioned in 1934 and sunk in 1942 - pretty short life for a somewhat unusual boat. The Washington Naval Treaty put in place after the First World War placed several strict limitations on naval vessel but omitted restrictions on submarines, most likely because the drafters failed to conceive of submarines as any serious kind of naval threat. From HobbyBoss this is the 1/350 French Submarine Cruiser 'Surcouf'. 8/28/2013 Construction completed 08/28/2013

The GAZ AAA became a favorite with the Russian Army as a general cargo transport and was used in a wide variety of configurations. The GAZ AAA is a development of Henry Ford’s model A and Model AA light truck built under license by the Russians. Unimodels has issued three variations of this truck in 1/48 scale plastic and we take a look at them here … GAZ AAA.
2/13/10 Construction completed 2/13/2010

Harley Davidson, now there is a name that just screams classic American Iron. Prior to the U.S. entry into the European Conflict the U.S. Army had contracted Harley Davidson to manufacture motorcycles to be used as couriers, police escorts and scout machines. From MiniArt we have a very nice 1/35 example of this early war bike with an excellent level of detail. Don't miss on this beautiful Harley Davidson WLA. 9/5/2011 Construction completed 8/10/2012

During the Second World War design and development of new civilian cars and trucks was at a near complete standstill. Once the war ended resources could be devoted to these tasks. The 1947/8 model year Commodore from Hudson Motor Company introduced a 'step-down' which combined a uni-body floor pan structure with a recessed frame. This combined with a NASCAR style straight six grew into the Hudson Hornet which saw production for several years. Here we see the epitome of that production series, the 1953 Hudson Hornet. 4/29/2012

Sunday November 4th, 2007 dawned clear and crisp with a forecast for some showers later in the day. The leaves were just beginning to turn on the trees and the sun was shining, a perfect day to drive to Kirtland Ohio for the IMPS Region 4 John Glenn/Western Reserve model show and contest. I've attended this show in previous years but this year was exceptional. Here are my thoughts on the show and some pictures taken at the IPMS Region 4 Cleveland Model Show. 11/10/07

Only five months have passed since the folks from the IPMS John Glenn club and the IPMS Western Reserve club have hosted a meet but it was plenty of time for the modelers to produce an amazing collection of new stuff to blown your minds. There were over 800 models on display and 96 vendor's tables plus four seminars. Let's take a quick look at some of the good stuff appearing at the 2008 show hosted by IPMS John Glenn and IPMS Western Reserve. IPMS Region 4 2008 Spring Show. 4/21/08

In 1939 the Kagero Class-A Destroyers were considered to be the heaviest and most perfect fleet destroyer in existence. By mid 1941 eighteen ships of this class were complete. These ships all saw heavy action during the war and all but one were lost. A lot of effort goes into collecting everything for a well detailed ship model but no more, here Hasegawa has created a Full-Meal-Deal for the entry level ship builder with their all new 1/350 scale Kagero Class-A Destroyer. 2/28/10 Construction completed 2/28/2010

Swanny’s Models launches a new department today, this is Koster’s Korner Where you can see various product reviews, build features and product list of Koster Aero Enterprises vacuform, white metal and decal goodies. Koster’s Korner. 3/18/2011

Loon Models, a subsidiary of Roll Models, has announced their new releases for 2010 in resin detail accessories. Rather than simply look in some packages I thought it would be good to send some sets out to our volunteer staff of reviewers and get some more in-depth information. So without further ado let’s take a look and see what is happening with the Loon Models 2010 release of resin goodies. 9/23/2010

The Parrott Rifle became very well known during the American Civil War. Designed by Robert Parker Parrott in 1860 and manufactured in various bore sizes ranging from a 3 inch 10 pounder to a massive 10 inch, 300 pound beast. The Parrott Rifles were accurate up to 2000 yards and were much cheaper than other rifled artillery pieces of the day. It was not uncommon to have a rifle burst then have the artillerists simply chip out the jagged pieces and continue to fire the weapon. From Model Shipways here is the 1/16 scale 10 pound Parrott Rifle. 5/08/2010

It's raining out so it must be time to do a model show. It never seems to fail that it rains during the IPMS Toledo/Fremont Kit Bashers Model Show and vendors gathering at Owens College just South of Toledo Ohio. One thing is certain though, these guys can build some great looking models. The event took place May 16, 2009 and as always, is something every modeler in North Central Ohio should make the time to attend. Come along and take a look at what these guys are offering up for your pleasure at the IPMS Toledo/Fremont Kit Bashers Spring 2009 Show.

Well it had to happen eventually. I have been considering the idea of a modeling forum for some time now and have finally gone and done it. While you may see mostly aircraft on the main site this forum is dedicated to all forms of modeling. You are invited to come join the party; registration is quick, easy and painless. This is the perfect place to ask other modelers for their help or opinions, to help others just beginning the adventure and to show off some of your work to folks who can appreciate it. Swanny's Models Forum. 7/25/06

Okay, so this is not an aircraft but if you were to look closely enough on any Luftwaffe airfield you could probably find one parked off in a corner somewhere. And if you are an older modeler like myself, you might have even seen one of these parked behind the traveling carnival when you were a kid. Developed in 1936 as a civilian heavy agricultural tractor this Hanomag vehicle became one of the most common Luftwaffe airfield tractors and was most remembered for its use with the V-2 missile. Let's take a look at Matador Models Hanomag SS-100 heavy road tractor. 12/31/04 Construction completed 1/3/05

Once again the folks from the John Glenn model club and the Western Reserve model club have joined forces to present another great model show and competition. This event was held on November 5, 2006 at the Kirtland High School just East of Cleveland Ohio. Mother Nature gave us a good day for this event with mild temperatures and no rain. The show included a good representation of all the modeling genres, had a good vendors set-up and good attendance. If you did not have the opportunity to attend you can see some of the fine models here. IPMS Region 4 John Glenn/Western Reserve 2006 model show. 11/11/06

The guys at IPMS Region #4, Toledo Ohio did a great job this year setting up the model show at Owens Community College. I took the day and traveled down there to see what was going on and found my time was well spent. For those of you who could not make the trip here is a brief review of some of the wonderful models put on display that rainy day in May, 2006. IPMS Region 4 Toledo Model Show.

Here is a blast from the past. Originally a Bandia kit from the 1970's this was reissued under license by Fuman in the same time period. The molds are long gone, supposedly lost at sea, but you can still find these kits at auction from time to time. Always an interesting subject to me here is my build of the 1/48 Fuman Kfz.232 PanzerSpähwagen 8-Rad.
Construction Completed 4/4/09

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and by his son Ferry are responsible for this little beastie. Developed as a fun car it was quickly Kubelwagen Type 82 adopted by all branches of the military as a light field car and filled a very similar role to the American Jeep. This is one of the first 1/48 scale vehicle kits produced by Tamiya and heralded a complete new line of military vehicles that are very useful to the aircraft diorama modeler. Kubelwagen Type 82 Light Field Car. 9/25/05 Construction completed 9/25/05

Here is an example of the first practical four-wheel-drive vehicle. The design was first conceived in 1935 and went into production just two years later. Powered by a little 2 cylinder 33 bhp four stroke engine this vehicle became a mainstay in the Japanese Army and Navy. A welcome addition to the aircraft diorama builder here is Tamiya's 1/48 scale Type 95 Kurogane. Construction Completed 12/4/08

This is not an aircraft kit review but it is pertinent to aircraft. Modeling aircraft is great but we should never forget those brave men and women who flew and maintained them. I'm always shopping for good deals on 1/48 scale figures to use in dioramas and have found a great package in an unexpected place. Even after shipping costs these guys average out around a buck apiece and offer a very different selection of figures to work with. From Preiser, here is a review of their 1/48 scale Luftwaffe Figure Set 10/22/04

I'm always on the prowl for airfield accessories to flush things out when taking pictures of my completed models. I had been hunting down a tractor handled by Matador Models when I found several items from them including a large 1/48 fuel tanker. I thought this would be a perfect addition to my collection. Here are some shots of construction and the completed Mercedes LG3000 Tanker Kfz.384.
05/04/09 Construction Completed 5/4/09

Adam Opel AG, based in Russelsheim, Germany and owned by GM designed the Blitz light truck in the early 1930s and by 1935 was producing Opel Blitz 3 Ton Truck these sturdy vehicles in what was known as the best truck factory in the world. The German government took control of the plant in 1940 and began producing vehicles to support the war machine. Manufactured in a wide variety of models here we take a look at the 1/72 scale Mac Distribution version of this Opel Blitz 3 Ton Truck with wood and gas generator.
11/25/05 Construction completed 11/25/05

I love sports cars. There, I've said it and there's no taking it back. In 1969 Buick's Germany division Opel produced a sports version of their reliable Opel cars - the GT. It was an inexpensive yet fun little car that made you feel like you were on par with James Bond. AMT produced a 1/25 scale model of this little car and I had to have one. For your entertainment this is the Buick Opel GT "Baby Vette".

I don't generally spend a lot of my time thinking about dinosaurs or wondering how I might paint a dinosaur. Over the last year I have been reading Taylor Anderson's alternative reality series 'Destroyermen' in which there are plesiosaurs, very large plesiosaurs and this tweaked my imagination. So when I ran across this resin kit from Model Alchemy Works I had no choice but to acquire a model of a Plesiosaur. Construction Complete 1/18/2014

Today when you hear the name "Porsche" you can't help but think "sports car" but seventy years ago it was a different story. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was responsible for several heavy military vehicle designs including this huge tank killer built on a Tiger tank chassis. It was originally designated 'Ferdinand' after its designer but was later renamed 'Elefant' after being retrofitted with defensive armament. Used in limited numbers at the end of the war this is the Porsche version of the Pz.Jag. Elefant Sd.Kfz.184 in 1/48 scale. 3/12/06 Construction Completed 8/5/06

It has been nearly forty years since this kit has been seen on hobby shop shelves, rumors floated around concerning the fate of the molds theorizing sunken transport ships or damage from improper handling. What really happened we may never know but that matters little now because Monogram has seen fit to retool the kit and bring this classic from the 1960's and 70's back to the hobby community. Without further ado here is the newly retooled, 1/24 scale classic kit from Monogram, Rommel’s Rod. 11/28/09

Join me in welcoming Rusty Rail to the world of model aircraft accessories. This is a small company based in Fresno California that has been making diorama accessories for the model railroad industry for the last few years. Now they are introducing items for use with 1/48 scale model aircraft settings and these pieces are not only very well priced but of some very unusual subjects, things you may have never considered placing into your diorama but that would add a certain extra quality to your work. Let's take a look at a couple of these fine resin castings. Rusty Rail.

The Scammell Pioneer was developed in the late 1920s for the Imperial Market as a logging and oilfield vehicle in areas where there were no developed roadways. The British military adopted the vehicle as an artillery tow vehicle and tank recovery unit with a crew of three that was used by Allied forces throughout the Second World War. Accurate Armour in Scotland has produced an amazing 1/48 scale rendition of this vehicle, here is their resin Scammell Pioneer SZ/2S Heavy Recovery Vehicle.
1/4/09 Construction completed 1/04/09

The 1500A series Steyr was produced in Austria between 1941 and 1945 and was used in several capacities by Axis forces. The primary vehicle version was produced as a large 4 wheel drive staff car but the basic chassis system had several different body styles bolted to it. The most commonly found types were the 6 person command car, the eight person infantry carrier and the light cargo truck. Here is the 1/48 Tamiya Steyr with the CMK conversion to create a Steyr 1500 Funkkraftwagen Field Radio Truck. Construction completed 1/01/09

The local newspaper sent a reporter and photographer over to interview me a while ago. Here is a copy of that feature along with some additional shots of Swanny's Models. Now is your chance to see where I work on my little creations and what I look like. I have the classic modeler's four B's covered; Big, Balding, Bearded (mustache) and Bespeckled (contacts). Come take a little tour of Swanny's Models.

Hi folks, you probably have been wondering what's happening at Swanny's Models recently with the lack of updates. Well, I have been on the road quite a bit over the last few weeks and it has seriously eaten into my web time (in addition to the wife's to-do list) but fear not, there are many great things in the works and soon you will be getting more updates. I just got back into town at 1:00am last night after 1200 miles of road so have not done any modeling yet. Just to give you some idea of what is in store here is a little teaser..

Okay, this isn't an airplane, but it goes with airplanes so I'm going to slip it in here. Accessories are always important for presentation but kits don't always come with all the cool stuff we would like to see accompanying them. Well, Verlinden Productions has come to our rescue with a wide variety of scale airfield accessories and I'm taking a look at their 1/48 scale resin USAAF Bomber Crew

I love weird old sports cars and found myself strangely attracted to the old Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Taking a Karmann break from my usual aircraft subjects I built and painted this 1/24 Mr. Hobby release of the 1971 Karmann Ghia. Not only a nice break for the norm but gives me a chance to try different finishing techniques. Come take a look at my little diversion, the VW Karmann Ghia.
10/11/08 Construction Completed 10/11/08


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