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Back in 1977 I got involved in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and quickly began collecting and painting 25mm figurines. Here are some samples from my collection. From time to time I will paint more figures so this menagerie will have additions as time goes by. For your entertainment these are assorted manufacture AD&D; figurines.

Wayne Enterprises Applied Science Division designed a prototype bridging vehicle designated "Tumbler" for the U.S. military. The project never went beyond the first operational prototype. An escape pod was incorporated into the vehicle should it suffer catastrophic damage or be required to self-destruct. A very innovative design with many unusual characteristics, here is Moebius Models 1/25 kit from "The Dark Knight" of the Batpod escape module. 1/17/2012

The Mk-I Colonial Viper, a short-ranged, sub-light interceptor, was introduced into service with the Colonial Space force prior to the first Cylon War. The Mk-I Viper was an instrumental weapon in the defeat of the Cylon aggressors and after the war was further developed into the Mk-II and Mk-IV. The Mk-I Viper relied on three main ion-fusion engines that provided power for both space and atmospheric flight and was armed with two laser pumps. Let's take a look at Revell's newly retooled release of the Colonial Viper Mk.I.
8/9/09 Construction completed 8/9/09

After the first Cylon War the Empire continued to develop the Raider but moved in a new and unexpected direction. Colonial defenders were unpleasantly surprised when the new blended biomechanical Raiders made their appearance over Caprica. This was more a trained animal than a piloted vehicle and more than capable of confronting the current series of Viper in both space and atmospheric flight. Let us take a look at the 1/32 Moebius Models Late Model Cylon Raider. 7/17/2014 Construction Completed 08/24/2015

It's a beautiful day in the marshlands bordering the lake. The sun is warming a couple frogs relaxing on a lily pad and a big stripped rock bass is worrying at the root base. This peaceful tranquility is ruptured by the sudden clatter of large insect wings as a brilliant yellow Dragonfly streaks overhead just clearing the tops of the marsh grasses. However this is no ordinary Dragonfly, this is Professor Fichtenfoo's Industria Mechanika 1/35 Dragonfly. 1/7/2014 Construction Completed 5/23/2014

In 2008 Paramount Pictures released director Jon Favreau’s first Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role. As with any successful science fiction movie it does not take long before the memorabilia industry starts producing items for the fan base. For your consideration from Moebius is the 1/8 scale Iron Man Powered Armor Mk. III.
06/12/09 Construction completed 6/27/09

AMT/ERTL has released their version of the Star Wars Episode III Jedi Starfighter and I found myself drawn to it. An inexpensive kit it makes for some good modeling fun. Sometimes you need to take a break from the regular modeling topics and go out on a limb. Come along with me and take a ride on this tricked out Jedi Starfighter.
Construction completed 1/7/07

In 1961 the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts was still news and Irwin Allen used this to construct a tale around an advanced research submarine tasked with an impromptu mission to save the world. Introduced in the television series second season beginning in 1965 was a nuclear powered detachable craft. Moebius Models has been working hard to fill the gap left by Polar Lights when they discontinued most of their movie subject line and here we can look at their 2009 release of Irwin Allen's "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" 1/32 scale Flying Sub.

Okay, let me start by saying that I am NOT a Gundam aficionado, I saw this kit and it looked cool so I bought it. The Mobile Pod Ball is a construction vehicle of the Earth Federation Space Force that later in its career was armed with a large cannon. In the Gundam universe this vehicle was pretty much considered cannon fodder but you have to admit it does look cool. Here you can check out my interpretation of the Bandai 1/100 Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka. Construction completed 6/12/2009

Inspired by the Harper Goff designed submarine in the Disney movie "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" contemporary designer Greg deSantis and Pegagus Hobbies has filled a long empty gap in the movie modeling sector with this fascinating Victorian submersible. For your modeling pleasure I invite you to enjoy this review and construction of the Pegasus 1/144 scale Nautilus.
05/23/2013 Construction complete 12/12/2013

Galaxy Quest, what an excellent ‘fish out of water’ adventure movie. Released in theaters in 1999 this science fiction/comedy was nearly an instant cult classic. A tongue-in-cheek play on the entire Star Trek franchise the movie provides plenty of laughs and an amazing spacecraft compliments of Industrial Light and Magic. From Pegasus Hobbies here is the new 1/1400 scale N.S.E.A. Protector.

The Romulan High Command commissioned the development of a small yet powerful raider type of spacecraft centered around two impressive technologies; an effective cloaking device and a nearly irresistible plasma cannon and was designated “Bird of Prey”. In the early 1970s AMT began to market Star Trek plastic model kits and issued a single production run of the Romulan BoP in the early 1970's which is now highly collectible, hard to find, seriously over priced and fairly inaccurate. AW Studios now has made available a large, accurate vacuform kit which I take a look at here, the 1/350 Romulan Bird of Prey. 9/13/09 Construction update 11/27/09

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