Here is one of the last bi-plane fighters to be produced and probably the best such design from Italian engineer Celestino Rosatelli. This design saw action during the early days of the Second World War but was soon regulated to night missions as faster aircraft began rolling off production lines. Mark Therrell is here with us today to review the Classic Airframes Regia Aeronautica version of this spunky little bi-plane. Let’s take a look at the 1/48 scale multi-media Fiat CR.32.

Designed by Celestino Rosatelli the Fiat CR.42 Falco was the last of the great biplane fighters entering flight testing in late May 1938. The CR.42 was one of the best biplane fighters ever built and had seen action on many fronts including North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Battle of Britain and East Africa. The aircraft was used as a fighter, an escort aircraft, a night fighter and a trainer. New in 2005 from Classic Airframes this is the Fiat ICR.42 Idrovolante.

This is a major conversion project. Here I take the out-of-production Monogram He-111 H4/5 medium bomber and use the Cutting Edge resin conversion set  to create a model of the Heinkel He-111B Pedro circa 1937 from the Spanish Civil War. There is a lot of surgery involved here, resin dust will fly and super-glue will stick to your fingertips. This is not the conversion for the faint of heart. Here it is, the converted He-111B Pedro

This is a resin conversion kit aimed at the Monogram He-111 H 4/5 kit and normally I would place this as a subsequent line to that kit review but this conversion is so extensive and complex that it deserves an entry all of it’s own. This is the new Cutting Edge Model Works resin conversion to backdate a He-111 to the earlier Spanish Civil War “B” or “J”. So, without any further preamble, here is the CE He-111 B/J Pencil Nose conversion. Oh yeah, I take a quick look at the “Pedros in Spain” decals from CE here also. 12/19/03
Click here for a complete construction review of this and the Monogram kit. Project completed 1/19/04

This model is a continuation of my fascination with Romanian aircraft. This is the Classic Airframes 1/48 scale He-112B built straight from the box.
For a complete construction review of this model click here...Heinkel He-112B

LTD Models issued a few esoteric kits over the years and one of their best was of the Romanian IAR-80. IAR-80 As this is probably the most significant Romanian aircraft of the Second World War it is surprising that this is the only injection molded kit available in 1/48. I built one kit in 2002 but had to dust off this feature and build a second kit, this time I will be adding some extra stuff. Check out this updated construction review of LTD’s IAR-80 dive- bomber and bomber interceptor. 11/20/02 Completed 9/4/05

In an attempt to provide the Regia Aeronautica with a heavy fighter suitable to replace the old and slow Fiat fighters of the day Giovanni Galasso designed the twin engine Ro.57. The Ro.57 was a single seat monoplane consisted of an all metal, semi-monocoque fuselage with a steel skeleton and Duralumin structure. By time all modifications had been incorporate and production begun in earnest it was 1943 and the type was already becoming obsolete. Here I take a look at the Wings Models vacuform and resin kit of the Italian heavy fighter, the IMAM Ro.57.

The Junkers Ju-87 was a very recognizable terror weapon during the Second World War and still today is one of the most Ju87D recognizable Luftwaffe aircraft. Initially the type saw tremendous success but that was only obtained when the Luftwaffe maintained air superiority. Before long the aircraft mission parameters changed and it became a ground support type. Here we look at Hasegawa’s D version as shipped to the Italian air crews. This type was also used by many other co-belligerent air forces. For your entertainment this is the Hasegawa Ju-87 D ‘Regia Aeronautica’.
10/8/05 Construction completed 12/4/05

I don’t think there is a single modeler amongst us who does not have at least one story of an early Revell-Monogram C202 kit that was instrumental in starting them down the polystyrene path. 21st Century Toys has taken that place with the next generation of modelers. Here we present the second kit in their new series of 1/32 scale un-built model kits. Twenty years from now I’m sure modelers will be telling tales of how these kits got them started modeling. Lets take a look at the Macchi C.202 Folgore.
2/24/07 Construction completed 4/15/07

The brainchild of Ing. Castoldi, the MC.205 "Veltro" was indisputably the best Italian fighter used during World War II. It was said that in the hands of a good pilot, it could defeat any allied plane. The MC.205V was faster than the Re.2005 and the G.55 at medium and low altitude and was capable of meeting the P-51 Mustang on equal terms. However, at an altitude of over 8,000 meters its performance dropped considerably. Here we take a look at the 1/48 scale kit from Hasegawa and a set of Super Scale replacement decals. For your review, here is the Macchi MC.205 Veltro 6/26/04

"Single-seat fast fighter seaplane" That was the title of the original drawing laid down in 1916 by Carlo Felice Buzio and Luigi Calzavara. The Macchi M.5 became the first seaplane that was capable of besting its land-based counter parts and became the most produced seaplane fighter of its time. The basic airframe was produced in two versions, a photo recon version and a fighter version. Here is the 1/48 Fly models ‘Special Scheme’ version of the Macchi M.5. 8/29/09 Construction completed 8/29/09

The Potez 631 was a fairly successful aircraft filling a similar role to the RAF Bristol Blenheim unfortunately it’s exterior profile bore a close resemblance to the Messerschmitt 110 which drew a large amount of friendly fire onto the aircraft. With prototypes built in ten variations the 631C2, C3 and CN2 were some of the most common types made and served with a variety of air forces on both sides of the conflict. Available for the first time in injection molded plastic in this scale here is the Azure Potez 631 Night Fighter. 9/16/06

The prototype of this plane goes back to 1934 at which time the French Air Force organized a contest for a three-seat reconnaissance and ground attack aircraft. A low wing monoplane of entirely metal construction the 63 series was powered by two 700 hp Gnome-Rhone 14 cylinder radial engines and quickly exceeded in the field of speed and maneuverability. The 63/11 saw service with Italy and Romania as well as the Luftwaffe and Vichy forces and was used by the Free French as well. A complex kit of resin, PE, white metal and Vacuformed parts – here is the 1/48 scale Potez 63/11 from Socrate JMGT. 6/21/04

Zygmunt Pulawski designed an all metal monoplane in 1929 that was to lead to one of the most advanced fighter aircraft of the early 1930s, P11C the PZL P.11C. The Rumanians purchased a license to build the P.11 at the IAR factory. From here the Rumanians developed the P.24 from the P.11 and produced it for export. Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey all purchased the P.24 fighter. Mirage has produced a very accurate and easy to assemble 1/48 kit of this aircraft and you can check it out here … PZL P.11C.
4/28/08 Construction completed 7/9/08

They called it that “Damned Hunchback” but it was one of the most important Italian produced aircraft of WW2. SM79 Developed from a civilian airliner, the first SM.79s entered service in late 1936, just in time to fly combat over Spain with the Aviacion Legionaria. While a very good medium bomber they became excellent torpedo bomber platforms. Two model manufactures introduced this kit at nearly the same time, Trumpeter and Classic Airframes. Let’s put these kits head-to-head and see how they stack up, the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero Torpedo Bomber. 1/8/06 Construction Completed 8/19/06

And now for something completely different. If you like esoteric subjects as much as I do you will be sure to enjoy this one. Direct from Italy via Pacific Coast Models this is the Massi Models 1/48 scale all resin Fiat RS.14 “fast maritime reconnaissance seaplane”.
For an in box review of this model click here...Fiat RS.14
Here is a quick review of La Bancarella Aeronautica's Ali D’Italia
Here is the construction review.... RS.14 Construction 11/9/03


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