Koster Aero Enterprises Kit #4
1/48 Early B-17C/D/E or Late G

Kit #4                                           MSRP $18.95
Images and text Copyright © 2011 by Matt Swan

        Bill Koster is known within the model industry as a master mold maker and designer and is the man behind several of the Monogram kits like the 1/48 Do-217E model. While Bill had nothing to do with the making of either the F or the G kit he has taken care of some conversion material for the modeling public. The B-17 conversion set he made, kit #KAE04 is significant in that it will allow the modeler to convert the basic G kit into either a C, D or E kit or even a G with the staggered waist gun positions and at this time is the only conversion kit for these early examples of the aircraft. This is a vacuform conversion set with a replacement aft fuselage and new clear parts – all vacuformed. The package is complete under the KAE04 number or just the clear parts can be purchased under kit #KAEC04. Also from Koster are some white metal replacement Brownings, ammo belts and resin replacement engine faces for the R-1820s. Once Bill retires, and that day is rapidly approaching, they will become very hard to find.

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