IPMS Region 4 John Glenn/Western Reserve Spring 2008 meet and contest

Images and text Copyright © 2008 by Matt Swan

        It has only been five months since the 2007 show in Kirtland hosted by the John Glenn and Western Reserve IPMS clubs but that has been plenty of time for the modelers to put together an amazing collection on new material for review with an additional bonus of some sunshine and seventy degree temperatures. One hundred forty two modelers entered 651 models into the contest, five hundred thirteen guests from seven states and Canada attended the show, ninety six vendor tables were set up. Over 800 models were on display including the contest pieces and one hundred seventy two people attended the dinner buffet. In addition there were four guest speakers conducting seminars;
        Renowned Author & Armor Expert JIM MESKO “U.S. Armor Markings & Camouflage”
        WW2 8th Air Force Fighter Pilot Veteran JAMES FROLKING, D.F.C. “Surviving My Shoot Down Over Holland”
        157 Combat Mission & 1,257 Trap Naval Aviator CAPT. JOHN W. COMBS, USN Rtd. “Fighter Jets From The Cockpit”
        U.S. Aviation Museum CEO & Famed Aircraft Restorer TONY MAZZOLINI “Rescuing Doc, the B-29, from the Mojave Desert”
        In addition to this there were 25 on-floor modeling skill demos. Overall I would have to say this was one tremendously successful model show. Walking into the building I was greeted by Sara Lieberth and Barb Brucher manning the registration table. Directly behind them was a very cool display of WW2 equipment and firearms and then there was the display room. The dioramas were simply amazing, the first couple of shot below are all focused on one destroyed building that really caught mine and my wife’s attention but they were all truly amazing. The competition and display models covered all possible topics from planes, trains automobiles and armor. There were several very nice figures and science fiction subjects as well as some real cool auto garage dioramas. No matter where you looked there was something that was just going to make you say WOW.
        Across the hall was the vendor’s room featuring a couple of IPMS registration booths and a couple more built model displays. The vendors had things pretty well covered with just about anything you could want in a kit, accessory or literature available. The guys from these two model clubs have done an exceptional job of organizing and running this show. If you live in the Ohio area you simply have to make this show next time around, if you don’t live within driving distance of Cleveland Ohio then be sure to look for an IPMS club show in your neighborhood. There is nothing better than seeing all these wonderful examples of our art up close and personal and to be able to meet and greet other modelers.

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