IPMS Region 4 John Glenn/Western Reserve
Kirtland Ohio Model Show
November 5, 2006

Images and text Copyright © 2006 by Matt Swan


        November 5th of 2006 dawned as a slightly overcast day but with mild temperatures, it was a classic autumn day and just perfect for a model show. The guys from IPMS Region 4 John Glenn model club and the Western Reserve model club had combined forces once again to present a fine model show and competition at the Kirtland High School just to the East of Cleveland Ohio. When I arrived at about 12:30 in the afternoon there was a good crowd already milling about the place and several folk were already heading back to their vehicles toting large bags stuffed with model kits. I only hoped something was left for me!
        Just inside the door I found Ted Bamber and Derek Schuler checking in the next generation of young modelers and an enticing collection of display models. The show was actually divided between two large rooms, one featuring all the competitive models along with some previous year’s trophy winners and the other large room housing the many vendors who showed up. Walking into the show area the first thing to catch my eye were two nicely done 1/48 aircraft; a Monogram B-17G and a He-111. I think these two kits were placed strategically near the door just to suck you into the show and boy they certainly worked (nice work Joe, I really did like them).
        The competition models were arraigned in aircraft, armor, auto and figures with a couple of notably large armor builds hiding in the back. One guy had a huge fully motorized remote control tank that he fired up for a few minutes – that caught everyone’s attention. Also along the back wall was a huge German Halftrack towing an 88mm cannon. A table was set up for the younger entry level modelers and I must say some of those builds were quite impressive. I can see that this model club will be producing an excellent next generation of builders to complement the crew that’s already there. Overall there was a very nice representation of all the major modeling genres.
        The vendors area was standing room only with many smaller local vendors as well as Black Box having a both. The club held a raffle throughout the day with a great selection of prizes ranging from airbrush sets to model kits and military prints. Vendors were offering some nice on site discounts and had a full range of modeling kits, conversion and supplies available. It was an easy place to unload you wallet. What follows is a collection of pictures from the competition area, you may click on any of these to see a larger image – enjoy!

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