The Alouette 3 series was derived from the Alouette 2 with a larger cabin, more powerful engine and improved performance. It could seat seven, be configured for cargo or medical evacuation roles. With production beginning in 1959 and continuing through today this French workhorse of a helicopter has seen service with over 90 different countries in both military and civilian roles. Take a look at the Fujimi 1/48 scale Aérospatiale Alouette III. 5/6/05

In 1966 Sud-Aviation was developing the Sa-341 and had an operational prototype by February of 1967. This aircraft quickly caught the attention of the British Military Services. The Sa-341 incorporated several unique (for the time) features such as composite rotor blades and a fenestron or fantail which contributed greatly to noise reduction. The Gazelle served with several air forces and filled a demand within the civilian market. Here is the 1988 release from Fujimi of the 1/48 Aérospatiale Gazelle SA-341 D/F. 1/1/2010

In 1958, Boeing/Vertol completed a company-sponsored prototype of a new tandem rotor helicopter design developed as the YHC-14 due the US army 's request for a medium-size turbine powered helicopter. The helicopter has the ability to land, taxi in and take off from the water and is able to stay afloat for up to two hours in two-foot seas. The aircraft's primary mission is to provide all-weather, day/night assault transport of combat troops with a secondary mission of supply movement. New from Academy, this is the 1/48Boeing CH-46E “Bull Frog”
11/5/04, updated 2/17/05

The BO-105 is a lightweight twin-engine 5/6-seater multi-role helicopter incorporating a four-blade, rigid main rotor that provides excellent flight performance, maneuverability and total control, even in negative "g'' maneuvers. It was found to be particularly suited for Medevac, police, offshore, and passenger transport operations. In 1991 MBB was absorbed by Eurocopter who continued to produce the type until 2001. This is the 1/48 scale kit from ESCI of Charly Zimmermann’s demonstration model of the BO-105 Light Duty Helicopter.
06/04/2010 Construction Completed 6/8/10

This Sikorsky heavy lifting helicopter holds a couple of specific landmark items for rotary aircraft; number one is that is the last heavy lifter built using piston engines and was, at the time of its service use, the largest heavy lifting helicopter in existence. From Special Hobby here is the 1/72 scale CH-37B "Mojave".

This aircraft has the fine distinction of being the first helicopter to achieve production status. Originally intended as a six passenger transport aircraft in 1939 she first flew in 1940 and with the opening of the Second World War was quickly adapted to military use. Intended for rescue operations and reconnaissance roles the results of Allied bombing prevented any more than ten or eleven every making it off the assembly line. Built by Focke Achgelis, this is the Fa 223E-0 Drache. 3/18/06 Construction Completed 9/15/08

In mid 1952 the U.S. Navy issued a requirement for an anti-submarine helicopter with greater capabilities then the Sikorsky S-55 then in service. Sikorsky responded with its S-58, which was essentially a scaled-up version of the S-55 with more than double the power. The H-34 became the standard helicopter for many ground forces throughout the world and was the first helicopter used as a transport for the President of the United States. Known by many names such as Seahorse, Seabat or Choctaw, it was the final evolution of the rotary engine powered helicopter. Out of production for nearly eighteen years now, this is the Revell 1/48 scale H-34G. 7/8/04. Construction completed 10/3/04

Developed in 1955 by Bell Helicopter as a utility aircraft the type went into full production in 1959 with approximately 7000 of them seeing service in Vietnam in one capacity or another. Soon field personnel began to modify the helicopters mission from medical evacuation to cargo transport and troop transport. Many different forms of armament were explored on the airframe and ultimately this experimentation prompted the development of the specialty attack helicopter like the Cobra. Check out the re-pop of Academy's 1/35 Huey-1C Gunship.
7/10/09 Construction completed 7/28/09

In the civilian world it is the Hughes 500 while the military designation is OH-6A Cayuse but service men know it as the Loach, a nickname born from its class designation LOH or Light Observation Helicopter. The OH-6 established the form for the future of light military and civilian helicopters. Coming from the Ukraine here is AMP Models first foray into aircraft modeling, the 1/48 multi-media Hughes OH-6A Loach.

The Ka-50 is a state-of-the-art and powerful battle helicopter which is in limited service with the Russian Air Force. The helicopter has a number of unique characteristics including a single seat to increase combat and flight characteristics and reduce operational costs. It can perform loops, rolls and “the funnel”. Also known as the ‘Black Shark’ or ‘Werewolf’ for a modest price you too can add a Kamov Ka-50 Hokum to your collection. 12/3/04 Construction completed 1/21/2010

The Kaman Aircraft Company developed the HU2K-1 in 1959 as a single engine light utility helicopter for Naval use. SeaSprite In 1972 this airframe was selected for development in the LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-purpose System) program for the Antisubmarine Warfare arm of the Navy. At this time the designation was changed to SH-2D then upgraded to SH-2F. Here I take a look at the old Matchbox kit issued under the Revell nametag with some Cobra Company extras. Kaman SH-2F Seasprite. 4/15/07

One of the most produced and one of the most heavily armed helicopters in the world with nearly 15000 examples produced Mil Mi-17 “Hip-H” the Mil Mi-8 Hip holds a special place in history. A place that is still being carved out as this type of helicopter is still in military and civilian service in nearly fifty four different countries. A sturdy aircraft that gave rise to the Mi-24 Hind Trumpeter has done a fine job of replicating this in plastic. While not a perfect kit it certainly makes for a good base of development. Here we can take a look at this 1/35 scale kit and what it takes to make it better, let’s go play with the Mil Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip-H. 2/3/07 Construction completed 9/20/07

One of the most menacing weapons in the air is the Mi-24 assault helicopter. Designed around twin turbine engines driving a five-blade rotor the Mi-24 is a close counterpart to the American AH-64 Apache, but unlike this and other Western assault helicopters it is also capable of transporting up to eight troops or additional weapons for in-field reloading. This combat helicopter became the "signature" weapon of the conflicts in Afghanistan and the Chechen wars and is widely distributed among the forces of the former Warsaw Pact countries. Mil-24 D Hind. 9/24/04

In 1943 the War was still raging in Europe, the Japanese were being held at bay in the Pacific and Frank Piasecki was discussing twin rotor lifting systems with the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics. By June of 1948 the basic design of what was to become the H-21 series was complete and five prototypes were ordered. The CH-21 was an Air Force workhorse serving in the early years of the Vietnam War and lead to the development of the CH-47 Chinook. Here is the Special Hobby multi media 1/48 scale kit of the venerable Piasecki H-21 Shawnee. 1/5/08

The Sikorsky S-51 design followed the now classic helicopter configuration with a single main rotor and an anti-torque tail rotor to provide a helicopter having greater useful load, endurance, speed, and service ceiling than the previously produced R-4. It proved so versatile for light transport, casualty evacuation, air-sea rescue, and rescuing downed pilots that the demand for them considerably exceeded the supply. From FM in France, this is the Sikorsky R-5/HO3S-1 Dragonfly. 2/18/05

During the final days of World War 2 the helicopter was just beginning to see some service with the military. By 1949 the US Air Force had began to truly accept the helicopter and was looking to improve the load capacity. Igor Sikorsky made a tremendous leap forward in design with his response in the S-55 “Chickasaw”. This type has only been modeled twice in 1/48 plastic, both of which are very hard kits to find these days. Let’s take a look at the better of the two, the 1955 mold from Revell of the Sikorsky S-55/H-19 “Chickasaw”. 9/7/07 Construction completed 9/24/2012

Hey all you rotor heads out there, do you remember the Revell 1/48 H-19 Rescue Helicopter or maybe the Revell 1/48 S-55 Whirlwind? Bet you have at least one in your stash! Have you ever wished there was some help for that horribly inaccurate interior or something you could do for those thick, Coke bottle glass clear parts? I started to play with one of those kits and had these same thoughts so I did something about it. Follow this link to see my limited run replacement complete clear parts set and interior for the 1/48 H-19/S-55 Detail Sets. 8/18/2011
Sorry but this is just here for reference now. All molds have run their course and demand has fallen too low to merit making new ones. Thanks for your support when these were available. 7/11/2014

This was one of the real workhorse helicopters of the Vietnam War and the final evolution of the rotary engined Sikorsky helicopter. Countless injured soldiers were removed from the front line in this while even more were delivered by it. Later it was upgraded to turbine power and those units are still in service today. Hobby Boss has made quite an impression within the modeling community with several new releases and here we take a look at the 1/72 scale version of this helicopter. Here we are with the SikorskyUH-34D Choctaw. 7/14/07

The Westland Wasp was developed as a light anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare helicopter for operations from small ships and was the first of a new generation of gas-turbine powered light helicopters. This kit from Fujimi is slightly on the crude side but can be made into a fine representation of the aircraft with a little extra TLC. Come with me and take a look inside this box of plastic from the late 1970’s. From Fujimi, the 1/48 scale Westland Wasp H.A.S. Mk.1 in British Royal Navy livery. 3/18/05

I think that one of those highly sought after 1/48 plastic model kits is the old Revell H-34D/G kit followed by the S-58 Wessex kit. I have several H-34 and Wessex kits in the stash and when Cutting Edge closed up shop I was resigned to building my own detail sets, that is until Heritage Aviation released this set. New in 2009 this resin and white metal upgrade set allows the modeler to build one of several different version of the S-58. Let’s take a look at Heritage Aviation’s Wessex Upgrade. 4/13/09


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