Tamiya 1/48 US Airfield Fuel Truck

Kit #32579                    MSRP $37.00                  $21.59 from Squadron Mail Order
Images and text Copyright © 2014 by Matt Swan

The Kit
       This is a conversion from the basic 2.5 ton 6X6 US Military cargo truck to a fuel truck configuration. The truck type featured is the hard top cab which should have a single wide window in the rear wall. This feature is lacking in the kit. The kit itself is a conversion from another kit as well, there are multiple parts included that are not used with this build making it obvious the basic molds will show up in various configurations. Some sprues are duplicated to provide sufficient parts for this build which results in several additional spare parts, this might be useful down the road on scratch build projects. The parts are all nicely done with fine raised and recessed detail. The cab doors are separate as are several of the access doors to the fueling compartment. The kit includes some fine tubing and wire to make the fuel hose. The wire can be inserted into the tubing to make it hold position when construction is complete. Clear parts are nice and comprehensive. I considered cutting one of the side window panes in half to represent a partially rolled down window but ultimately just left the side panels out.
       Construction and painting was very straight forward using mostly Model Master enamels with some heavy preshading done with flat black. I used a combination of ground chalks and a sponge swab to weather the wheels, running boards and fenders. I applied this prior to the sealing coat of Future and again in some areas after the final dull coat. I elected to not use the white decals intended for the bumper ends. I felt it would look more appropriate to do a field applied rough coat of white here, on the mirror arms and on the tow hooks. For this I used a washable children’s white finger-paint. Definitely not a standard type of paint to use but the semi transparency of the paint gave it the look I was trying to achieve. Overall it was a pleasant build with no issues I can remember.

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