A Collection of White Metal Dungeons & Dragons Figurines

Images and text Copyright 2005 by Matt Swan

       In 1977 I was introduced to the role play/war gaming systems presented by Gary Gygax and TRS as Dungeons & Dragons. The game seemed somewhat dry just rolling dice and keeping track of materials on paper. On a random trip to the local hobby shop I spied a rack of white metal figures by Ral Partha. I had been building models and painting 1/48 scale figures for a good eight or nine years already so decided to give this a try. The results were a big hit with the other gamers and before too much longer a role-play session simply could not be held without a collection of character representations and assorted monsters populating the table all nicely painted of course. During that period from late 1977 until mid 1982 I painted literally hundreds of these miniatures and still to this day will do a few just for old times sake. Here I would like to present a collection of some of my better pieces. These are all 25mm figurines from various manufactures.

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