Advanced Modeling Skills; Salt Chipping & Water Dioramas
A Three Disc Set

Item SW005

$39.95 plus shipping

        Swanny’s Models is at it again with another addition to the Advanced Modeling Skills series of DVDs. In volume 4 “Salt Chipping & Water Dioramas” watch as Swanny shows every intimate detail of using conventional table salt to create realistic chipping of painted surfaces. Slow setting clear resin materials are used to create a water diorama and the secrets of the sea are revealed on how to create depth in water and how to add life to a static display. While these are the main features of this three disc, 8 hour 45 minute high definition production there are plenty of additional little tidbits including the complete construction and painting of a Japanese float plane and construction of the diorama base from the first cut of the wood to the final wave in the water.
        This model building production will guide you through every step necessary and clearly list every component needed to achieve a stunning end result worthy of any competition table. You no longer need to worry about modeling water or creating extreme wear effects on your model, Swanny reveals all right here for your benefit. This DVD set does not have any regional coding so will play on any DVD or Blu-Ray player anywhere in the world.

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Actual, unedited customer comments:

"I very much enjoyed what I've seen of your set. Good tips and it really helps to see how it's done rather than just read about it. As an aside, I have all your other DVD sets and replay them often."

"I almost didn't buy this volume but it was most entertaining and I learned a few things along the way. I always enjoy watching someone struggling with some of this stuff, lets me know I'm not the only one."

Names have been deleted to protect the innocent.

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