Swanny's Models Volume 2;
Advanced Modeling Skills; Resin and PE Cockpits
Item SW002

$29.00 plus shipping

        Volume Two from Swanny's Models takes you through the complete process of building and detailing a resin aircraft cockpit. All steps are covered from initial washing to pour stub removal, painting and assembling a quality resin cockpit. Next the modeler goes through a similar process with a photo etched cockpit. Here the process of annealing the frets are covered along with how to remove parts without immediately losing them. Swanny shows you how to paint and assemble an acetate instrument panel and how to attach small PE detail pieces. In addition to all this the video set includes a bonus segment on working with vacuform canopies and there is more! This two disc set contains more than four hours of model building instruction that is sure to become a crucial modeler's reference tool. Click the following links for excerpts from the video.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

These are comments posted to various forums from modelers who have already purchased this video.

In all honesty, if you haven't ordered it and have been thinking about it, do it. A few years ago I bought another well known modelers video and it wasn't bad. Actually I thought it was pretty good. The thing with that one was he told you what he was going to do, you saw a drop of glue hit something and the next thing you saw was the finished product, definitely not the case here. If you feel the need to learn, buy it. If you like playing the boss and watching someone else do all the hard work while you do nothing, buy it. You really will not be disappointed here.

I have already watched the first DVD (Resin cockpit) and I am really happy with it. From beginning to end, every single step on how to build a resin cockpit. I always thought it was near to impossible, but it actually seems to be really simple. I feel like my next model will have a resin cockpit. It might not look as nice as Swanny's, but certainly I feel like I can make it now.

I am really surprised with the quality of the DVD and the amount of information provided. This is a winner! Thanks Swanny ! This is what every modeler has to know! This video could save me a lot of money if available three months ago, but well, you can not have everything. I get back to the hobby and was struggling for information, buying books, magazines, searching web ... and here I get a lot of help. Swanny however, prepared a set of DVDs, showing project step by step from scratch to the final project, showing tricks I never thought of.

I like it so much I am going to buy a portable DVD player for the bench so I can reference it while I build! Swanny, the video quality is noticeably improved - shows off the "Star of the Show" so very much better! Thanks again for your hard work on these, they are a godsend for us mere mortal builders!

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