Swanny's Models Volume 1;
Basic Model Building Skills and the P-40K
Item SW001

$29.00 plus shipping

       Swanny's Models is proud to announce the release of what will hopefully be the first in a series of instructional modeling DVD's. This first title is a two disc set that is intended to help new modelers achieve good results early in the polystyrene adventure. This video begins with establishing an appropriate work place, covers proper parts preparation, and demonstrates how to apply Future to clear parts and how to mask them for painting. Also covered in the video are all important construction steps, being only four hours in length does not allow for 100% coverage of all construction steps unfortunately.
       Other techniques covered in the video are pre-shading, post shading, sludge washing, decal application and basic weathering. The building sequence is easy to follow and will help the modeler achieve an end result to be proud of.

Video Clip

Comments posted to various forums from modelers who have purchased Volume #1

"Just a little "heads up" for my fellow modelers. I recently purchased a DVD set from Matt Swan called Basic Model Building Skills. It is EXCELLENT!! Lots of the secrets of realistic weathering revealed here. So just wanted to give an unsolicited opinion of this 2 DVD set."

"Glad I got mine early on! It has become an indispensable part of my modeling kit and I refer to it frequently. Get 'em while they're hot! Thanks a million, Swanny!"

"Swanny, I received my DVD set yesterday and finished watching it. I can't thank you enough for putting something like this together. Even simple techniques can be hard to understand without actually seeing it done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your production."

"Oh how I love your DVD, let me count the ways... I now use damp tissue paper to mask bomb bays/cockpits/etc. I now use the thin strips of masking tape technique to mask canopies. I now know how to make better washes that actually wipe off as they should. Last, I've got a bottle of Tenax on the way. I've read about most of the techniques beforehand, but actually seeing how you do them and their results really helps."

"Volume 1 has helped me greatly, even bringing me back from the edge of airbrush destruction. I had quit using mine out of frustration, but after watching the ease you displayed, I took some notes and tried again. "

Check out the IPMS review of all three Swanny's Models Instructional DVDs.

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