IPMS Region 4 Columbus Ohio Chapter ‘Eddie Rickenbacker’
Blizzard Con 2007

Images and text Copyright © 2007 by Matt Swan

        For several months I had been looking forward to the IPMS Region 4 model show scheduled for February 17th 2007 in Columbus Ohio but on the morning of that day I was greeted with a steady fall of snow and temperatures in the mid twenties. A quick check of the national weather radar did not make things look any more promising with steady snow forecast for the entire day and me wondering if the two and a half hour drive was going to be feasible. I decided to roll the dice and make the trip and glad I was.
        The guys in Columbus did a real nice job on getting things set up with a nicely organized vendors section and several display tables filled with some excellent examples of our hobby. In the vendors area the club was raffling off an assortment of model kits while the judges were working diligently reviewing all the entries on the other side of the large general purpose room. In the image to the left we have club Treasurer T. J. Misiolek (on left) and club Secretary Graham Holmes (on right) tallying judging sheets and overseeing the distribution of awards. This is one job I would not want to have as all the entries were looking very nice to me and to make a choice of one over another would be tough indeed.
        Not only were there plenty of outstanding models present but several very well done dioramas. One in particular caught my eye, the image in the upper right can be clicked on to view a larger picture – this particular diorama featured a series of lighting effects behind the backboard that did a great job of replicating lightning, if there was a sound card attached you would have swore you were right in a storm.
        While trying to lighten the load on my wallet with the vendors I kept one eye on the constant steady light snowfall outside and finally decided I had best hit the road and try to make it home safely. Two and a half hours to get there turned into three and a half hours to get home but it takes a little more than snow to stop Ohio modelers. Below you will find a large collection of images from the display tables, each of them may be clicked on to view a larger picture. Enjoy!!!!

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