Ali D’Italia Fiat RS.14
Italian- English Text

Review copyright © 2003 by Matt Swan

       Published by La Bancarella Aeronautica this can hardly be called a book or even a booklet but more like a pamphlet. But even as a pamphlet it contains many very interesting pictures and an excellent historical background on this unusual reconnaissance aircraft. The pamphlet is 24 pages of text and black and white photographs and includes 3 pages of line drawings. There are 52 black and white pictures with almost every one of them in good focus and with good contrast. The front cover features a very nice piece of color artwork by Marco Manni and the inside cover has an excellent three view full color drawing.
       The inside back cover contains a beautiful color photograph of a RS.14 being serviced and a color contents shot of a 1/72 scale RS.14 kit from Aviation USK. Apparently at the time of publication this was the only model kit available of this aircraft and the publication details the shortcomings of the kit. In the line drawings there is one image of a Fiat AS.14, which appears to be the wheeled version of the RS.14 with a gun nose that is reminiscent of a B-25 gun nose.
      For anybody constructing a model of an RS.14 or an AS.14 this pamphlet would be of considerable help and I highly recommend it.

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