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They're back!

       I had wanted to have these sets ready for you back in mid-November but things happened. We had problems sourcing the crystal packs for the larger sets and then the production guy's wife had a baby right in the middle of the whole run and let me tell you childbirth can derail a program like nothing else. So please, accept my apologies for the tardiness of this release. What we have here for you are all the previously released DVD sets in hi-def with the addition of a 4-volume set with a discount price. This is a limited release. I did not order enormous quantities of these DVDs so do not dilly-dally, once they are gone ..... That's it, nothing more until maybe next Christmas.

Swanny's Models is proud to announce the release of the first in a series of instructional modeling DVDs. This DVD will take the modeler from the first parts preparation steps all the way through decaling and basic weathering. The primary purpose of this video is to assist the new modeler in achieving good results early. You can follow this link for more information on the video and ordering information. Basic Model Building Skills & the P-40K. 12/20/06

Volume Two from Swanny's Models takes you through the complete process of building and detailing a resin aircraft cockpit. All steps are covered from initial washing to pour stub removal, painting and assembling a quality resin cockpit. Next the modeler goes through a similar process with a photo etched cockpit. Here the process of annealing the frets are covered along with how to remove parts without immediately losing them. Swanny shows you how to paint and assemble an acetate instrument panel and how to attach small PE detail pieces. In addition to all this the video set includes a bonus segment on working with vacuform canopies and there is more! Advanced Modeling Skills: Resin & PE cockpits.

The adventure continues at Swanny's Models. This time around we take a look at working with a vacuform conversion kit. This video takes the modeler through all the steps of learning how to work with vacuform model parts, resin and photo etched parts are revisited and the process of achieving a realistic natural metal finish utilizing lacquer based paints is covered in addition to some other goodies. Here you can purchase your copy of Advanced Modeling Skills; Vacuform Conversions & NMF.

This model building production will guide you through every step necessary and clearly list every component needed to achieve a stunning end result worthy of any competition table. You no longer need to worry about modeling water or creating extreme wear effects on your model, Swanny reveals all right here for your benefit. This DVD set does not have any regional coding so will play on any DVD or Blu-Ray player anywhere in the world. Advanced Modeling Skills: Salt Chipping & Water Dioramas.

Two volume set: #1 and #2

The Complete Four Volume Set

Who am I:

       I am 50+-year-old Industrial Engineer/Manager responsible for the development and implementation of chemical coating-removal systems aimed primarily at the automotive, medical and military industries. I am married with three children, two cats and live in Sandusky Ohio, the Roller Coaster Capitol of the World.

What this site is about:

       I remember the first model that I built. My father gave me a Revell submarine kit for my birthday in 1969. I clearly recall the two of us sitting at the dining room table with one of those orange tubes of Testors cement putting that thing together. It was an excellent bathtub toy for many years. Prior to that my older brother had entertained my sister and myself with aerial operas involving a 1/48 scale Monogram SBD Dauntless and a Monogram Corsair - I still have those two planes, dusty and worn but laden with memories that can never be replaced.
       Many times while shopping e-bay I've wondered what a particular kit consisted of or how good the detail of casting was or even if a particular kit had raised or recessed panel lines but could not answer these questions until I actually opened the box. While surfing various forums I would see common questions asked many times by modelers just beginning the polystyrene adventure, looking for clues to decaling, weathering and detailing. This site is dedicated to answering some of those questions. While I do not consider myself to be an exceptionally skilled modeler, I have picked up a few tricks over the last thirty years of modeling and will share them with you. Included here are full build reviews, in box kit reviews, construction tips and gallery photos of kits I have built. Most of these are 1/48th scale World War 2 aircraft. Also included here are a variety of links to on-line modeling forums, review sites, internet hobby shops, aviation art sites and real aircraft reference sites.
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       This site is a work in progress. I hope that you find it as enjoyable as I have.

       Last updated 01/14/2016.

Contact Information:
Questions or comments about this page and the material covered here can be sent to

And now, for the good stuff,

The F4D Skyray was the last aircraft produced before Douglas merged with McDonnell Aircraft, it was the first carrier launched aircraft to hold the world's absolute speed record and was the first Marine or Navy aircraft to reach and maintain Mach 1 in level flight. Here is the Tamiya 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray .
Construction Complete 01/14/2016

During the Second World War design and development of new civilian cars and trucks was at a near complete standstill. Once the war ended resources could be devoted to these tasks. The 1947/8 model year Commodore from Hudson Motor Company introduced a 'step-down' which combined a uni-body floor pan structure with a recessed frame. This combined with a NASCAR style straight six grew into the Hudson Hornet which saw production for several years. Here we see the epitome of that production series, the 1953 Hudson Hornet. 4/29/2012 Construction update 08/31/2015

As America's love affair with the automobile blossomed the need to transport new and used vehicles from manufactures to distributors grew quickly. The trucking and rail industries created transport trailers both enclosed and open double deck units to fill this need. For the entire first half of 2015 this kit was listed as a future release from Revell with actual release date pushed back more than once. By June 1, 2015 it had finally hit store shelves with the manufacture hype being that it was all new tooling and new decals. Here is the 2015 release of the 1/25 Automobile Transport Trailer 08/24/2015

In production from 1915 through 1935 the Mack AC truck frame laid the groundwork for a truck manufacture which was destined to become a world truck embassy. Available with a variety of working bodies here we look at the classic Monogram 1926 Mack Bulldog Tanker Truck in 1/24.
08/04/2015 Construction Complete 08/04/2015

The keel was laid down 23 May 1900, she was launched in 1901 and entered service in 1904. On 27 May 1905 the Japanese Navy sent her to the bottom. It was a really short service life of the lead ship for the pre-dreadnought battleship line of the Imperial Russian Navy. Here is the Zvezda 1/350 Battleship Borodino.
01/26/2015 Construction Completed 05/18/2015

The Esmeralda was designed as a Naval training vessel for the Chilean Navy with her hull being laid down in 1946. After several construction delays and negotiations with Spain the ship was completed and christened in 1953. The ship was and is still used as a goodwill ambassador for Chile however as a result of its history it often draws protests from human rights groups when visiting foreign ports. Chilean Navy Esmeralda. Construction Completed 1/12/2015


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